Kirsten Haalboom

Board Member

Kirsten N. Haalboom, Esq., serves as a Staff Attorney at Feldesman Leifer LLP in Washington, D.C., specializing in the Health Care practice group. Her role encompasses a broad spectrum of legal services tailored to the healthcare industry, including contract negotiation, litigation, arbitrations, managed care payment disputes, risk management, denials, and reimbursement recoveries, as well as administrative legal proceedings. Kirsten’s clientele ranges from hospital systems to single-clinician practices, multi-physician groups, nursing home facilities, and allied health care practitioners, highlighting her versatile ability to address the complex legal needs of a diverse healthcare provider base.

Prior to her tenure at Feldesman Leifer LLP, Kirsten honed her legal skills in civil litigation at a Maryland law firm, where she focused on representing and advising health care organizations on a variety of issues including patient care, insurance, and compliance with state regulations. Her rich background in healthcare law is complemented by her prior role as the Director of Philanthropy for National Lutheran Communities and Services, where she managed philanthropic initiatives and contributed significantly to the organization’s mission.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Kirsten is actively involved in community service through her board positions with the Primary Care Coalition and Women Solve, reflecting her deep commitment to health and social justice initiatives.