Solving Problems, Transforming Communities

America’s Problems Women Solve Them

America's Problems Women Solve Them

Empowering Women,

Transforming Communities

Empowering Women,

Transforming Communities

At Women Solve, our mission is to harness the collective power and diverse talents of women to address pressing challenges in our communities. We are committed to fostering positive change through innovative solutions, advocacy, and community engagement. By empowering women to lead, collaborate, and take action, we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive world where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every problem finds a solution.

2024 Seed to Roots Planning Committee Members:

Andrea Thompson,Tricia Kennedy, Desiree Tucker, Kia Tisdale, and Tarolyn Thrasher.

Collective Power, Lasting Impact

Empowering Women to Drive Positive Change

In line with our mission to harness the collective power and diverse talents of women, Women Solve dedicates itself to fostering innovative solutions across Maryland, with a focused presence in Frederick County. Our organization serves as a beacon, drawing together women from all walks of life to embark on initiatives that embody research, collaboration, and actionable strategies. Under the guidance of esteemed women mentors in civic and political spheres, we are committed to crafting and improving policies and legislation that champion positive resolutions and foster a more equitable and inclusive world.

Documenting Change, Inspiring Others

We believe in transparency and empowerment. Many of our projects are documented, capturing the entire process from inception to implementation. This footage is used to create powerful documentary films that showcase the journey of ordinary women synthesizing their ideas and driving change. Our documentaries serve as blueprints, demonstrating how everyday women can unite, initiate research, engage with mentors, overcome obstacles, meet with community members, local leaders, and officials, and ultimately make a tangible difference.

Women solve

Success Measured in Solutions

The success of Women Solve is determined primarily by our ability to create new policies or amend existing ones. Our sole purpose is to tackle issues and achieve real solutions. We aim to demonstrate our process as a roadmap for other women to replicate. Our documentary footage begins with everyday women discussing what needs to change and evolves to show group members conducting research, collaborating with experienced mentors, and engaging with the community.

Join us in the pursuit of change, as we prove that when women come together, problems are solved, communities thrive, and lasting transformation becomes a reality.


We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining forces with Women Solve! Whether you have questions about our initiatives, or you’re eager to lend your talents and time as a volunteer, we’re here to provide the information and support you need. Please use the form below to send us your queries or express your interest in volunteering or joining one of our transformative initiatives. Make sure to include your name and email, and in your message, give us a glimpse into how you envision being part of our mission to empower women and drive positive change in communities.

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