Yvette Edghill Spano

Dr. Yvette Edghill Spano has established a distinguished career through her profound commitment to research, community service, and advocacy. Holding a Ph.D. from what is now known as the Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, she has made significant contributions to the fields of vaccines and therapeutics for HIV/SIV and other infectious diseases. Her work has resulted in over 21 publications, making her a respected voice in HIV awareness advocacy.

Yvette’s dedication to community leadership and advocacy is evident through her diverse range of activities and roles. As the Education Committee Chair for the Florida NAACP, Flagler County, she empowers parents, students, and communities within the public school system and collaborates with educational leaders to uphold the rights of parents and students. Her role as a Student-Parent Advocate further exemplifies her commitment to serving as an intermediary for parent conferences and meetings, offering guidance on the rights and responsibilities within the education system.

Yvette also serves as the Legislative Liaison co-Chair for the State of Florida Democratic Women’s Club, where she disseminates crucial information on educational bills from legislative sessions, enhancing community awareness. Her mentorship in the Flagler County African American Mentoring Program for Girls/Young Ladies provides supportive career guidance to middle school students, showcasing her dedication to nurturing future generations.

Her extensive experience as an HIV and Education Awareness Speaker, along with her previous service on the Board of Directors for the Montgomery County Council for Children, Youth, and Families, and as the former Chair for Education for the NAACP, Montgomery County Chapter, underscores her passion for equitable education and community development.

Yvette’s personal life, filled with the joy of loving grandkids and family, dancing, listening to mystery audiobooks, and traveling, reflects a balance of professional dedication and personal fulfillment. Her embrace of Misty Copeland’s inspiring words, “You can start late, look different, be uncertain…and still succeed,” perfectly encapsulates her own journey of impactful achievements and relentless advocacy for positive change.